A small family property

In 1964, my parents, Abel and Victorine Rocher, native of Charente Limousine region, bought a Girondine house with 30 ares of vineyard in Mirande in Montagne's town. They created Vieux Chateau des Rochers because of limestone rocks located both in the village and under the vineyard.

My father was a postman. He used to cross the country every day whatever the weather with his bicycle. Thanks to his wine growers' customers he collected all informations needed to vine growing and wine-making process. Progressively, my parents bought and cleared new vineyard plot where they planted vines. In 1995, the vineyard covers 2.5 hectares.

At that time, after working 15 years in cattle-rearing, I take up the farm again and I grow it.

Located near Pomerol and Saint Emilion's vineyards, our family holding is now about 4,9 hectares. Our vineyard is set up on clay-limestone soil (2,2 hectares) and clay-siliceous soil (2,7 hectares) and is composed of different grapes varieties : 80 % Merlot and 20 % Cabernet franc.

The benefits of nature, the time low process and the respect of traditions are visible in our wine quality : rigorous pruning, thinning the bunches, hand-picking and selection of ripe grapes, long fermentation in vats, and to finish, wine growing between 12 and 18 months.

Our best vintages are born thanks to our know-how, and the natural symbiosis of the region, the microclimate and the grape variety.