The feet in the vineyard and close to our customers

To mark our commitment and the quality of our work, we signed the charter of the Independent Vigneron. We cultivate the land, we grow up our wine and we market it.

Charter of thVigneron indépendante independent winemaker :

• He respects his region
• He cultivates his vineyard
• He harves
ts grapes
• He vinifies his own wine
• He bottles his wine in his private cellar
• He markets his
• He is happy to welcome you, to give you advice about wine tasting and introduce you his production. 

The independent winemaker logo visible on our bottles show our know-how and our respect to tradition. Only the Winemaker whose signature appears below, and who is member of the Independant Winemakers of France may use this logo. As Independent Winemaker, we assume our values : responsability, engagement, professionalism.
We are responsibles because we assume the quality of our work in line with environment and with the objective to give satisfaction to our clients.
We are engaged because we chose to use innovative technique process without altering our heritage that we uphold.
We are professionals because we know our job like the back of our hands from the management of our vineyard until the welcoming and the sale of our wines to our clients.
We personify a view of our work and an independant vine-growing.